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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: H.I.V.E.
Appearances: Super Robin, Artful Dodgers, Power Moves, No Power, Sidekick, Legs, Breakfast Cheese, Opposites, In and Out, Money Grandma, Road Trip, Mouth Hole, Let's Get Serious, Multiple Trick Pony, Operation Tin Man, The H.I.V.E. Five, Some of Their Parts, I'm The Sauce, Scary Figure Dance, Animals: It's Just a Word!, Black Friday, The True Meaning of Christmas, The Titans Show, Snuggle Time, Costume Contest, and The Scoop!
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Vision
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

See-More is a young super villain who wears a special helmet that allows him to see in every electromagnetic spectrum, adjust for size and distance, trap opponents in a spherical cell, or float around. As a member of the H.I.V.E. team, See-More was the getaway driver for a Jump City Bank robbery but despite his warnings, the Teen Titans arrived to stop them. See-More was squashed into submission very quickly by Raven.