Scary Teri

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Slumber Party and The Titans Show
Powers/Skills: Shapeshifting and Flight
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Scary Teri is a demon woman who eats the souls of those who summon her in front of a mirror. She appears as an ugly woman with bad hair and ragged clothing. When Cyborg was still a child, he was forced to play Scary Teri during a slumber party. He barely escaped Teri. Ever since then, he was scared of the dark. Many years later, the other Teen Titans forced him to conquer his fear of the dark. Teri emerged from the bathroom mirror and proceeded to chase them into Robin's surprisngly spacious and amazing blanket fort. As they tried to run to the dance studio for a mirror to defeat Teri with, she hid herself as the doors and ate Beast Boy. They attempted to distract her with a game of Truth or Dare but she simply ate Raven and Starfire. Robin and Cyborg raced to the second guest bedroom but the former was eaten. Cyborg managed to get a mirror in time and chanted "Scary Teri isn't scary!" Teri was sucked back into the mirror and the Titans were freed.