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Real Identity: Rose Wilson
Appearances: Cool School, Black Friday, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, The Titans Show, and Costume Contest
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes, Above Average Acrobatics, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Pam Adlon

Rose Wilson is Ravager, a criminal and enemy of the Teen Titans. She is a master swordsman and martial artist. Her father got her a pair of retractable swords which became her signature weapons. Ravager hates being told what to do. Ravager escaped her confines in the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility. After recovering her two swords from Evidence, Ravager encountered three armed guards. She easily destroyed their guns with her swords and knocked them out. The third guard was tossed into a wall to create an exit but the Teen Titans were waiting. Just as Robin declared "Titans Go!", Ravager attacked the catchphrase and stopped them in their tracks. Raven thought she was cool but Robin was infuriated.

Raven and Ravager started hanging out together. She liked Raven's dark bedroom and her dislike of everything. Robin was infuriated to see she was out of prison but his words were used against him. After Robin stormed out, they went into the city. Ravager sliced open the door to a music shop and the duo jammed. They rode a motorcycle past a man waiting at a bus stop. Ravager sliced open a fire hydrant and got him all wet. Next, they went to the fair and played 'Knock a Villain' but she lost. An obnoxious boy won and rubbed it in so Ravager sliced the prize stuffed animal's head off and Raven conjured a spooky face to freak him out. In a park, Ravager sliced a tree up and made a crude Robin statue. Raven finished it off by creating a "Go Back to Prison" word bubble. They began talking pictures and posting them on Ravager's DCUBook account, gaining comments from Jinx, Blackfire, Dr. Light, and Robin.

They chilled near the Taco Trouble truck. Ravager got out a throwing knife and threw it at Sticky Joe, impaling his cap. Raven became concerned but Ravager threw another. Raven stopped the knife. The two got into an epic fight until Ravager gained the upper hand on Raven. The other Titans arrived but were defeated, too. Ravager gave them the option to say any last words. When Starfire declared they were true friends, Ravager gagged at how corny she sounded. Robin realized Ravager was so cool that her only weakness was earnest emotions. Cyborg told Raven she was like a sister to him, Beast Boy said she was the bee's knees, and Robin said they loved her. Ravager had enough and started puking. After a group hug took place, Raven punched Ravager out. Robin and Raven returned her back to her cell at Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility.

One night, Ravager chilled under a bridge and broke bulbs with her knives. Raven, Starfire, and Jinx teleported to her. Raven easily matched her sarcasm with sarcasm. They admitted to missing each other. Raven asked for her help but Ravager wasn't interested. Starfire added their would be milkshakes. Ravager simply replied "Whatever." When Starfire proposed a group hug, both Raven and Ravager declined. Next, they went to get Terra from the garbage hole. They infiltrated the Brain's Fortress with one of Ravager's devices, carving a perfect hole. Once Starfire distracted the army of Robot Guards, Raven opened a teleportation portal and Starfire switched places with Ravager. She destroyed the robots with her sword and knives. After Terra was unable to destroy the giant metal door, Rose suggested they throw her back into the trash hole. Terra encased herself in rock armor, imagined the door was Ravager's face, and took it down. Together, they were able to escape their prison and defeat the Brain. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy were still super annoying so the girls left them in their prison cell and went for milkshakes at the Yum Yum Kitty Diner.

Ravager wore a Slade mask to a Halloween party outside Titans Tower.