Queen of England

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Hot Salad Water
Powers/Skills: Planning
Voiced By: Jane Carr

Driven by the slight of the Boston Tea Party, the waste of all that tea to be specific, the Queen of England plotted to one day return America to British control. Somehow, she placed her Big Ben clock tower on the coast of Jump City then constructed an elaborate underground tunnel from Ben to the Titans Tower. She planted tea in the Tower in hopes of turning the Titans to her side and they would distribute tea to all of America. Once every citizen was under her control, the United States would finally return to the British Empire. She sent her red telephone booth to the Tower and invited four of the Titans for a spot of tea. They accepted and fell under her control. Robin later arrived and discovered her plans. He summoned the Mighty Bald Eagle but the Queen placed her staff into a receptacle and transformed the clock tower into a giant robot. The Queen creamed them with a double decker bus but Robin summoned America's other oldest ally, the Statue of Liberty. She arrived and sprayed Big Ben with soda. It short circuited and exploded. The Queen vowed the British would be back then crashed into a billboard promoting America then fell through the first A.