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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Obinray
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intellect, Planning, and Engineering
Voiced By: Tara Strong (Wise One)

For eons, a pig-like alien race traveled throughout space in search of a planet that would suit their needs. They eventually discovered Earth. From as early as the time of primitive man, the Pigs have used humanity to build them a paradise. They forged a secret society centered around their sacred language, the Old Tongue, a form of pig latin. The Pigs selected humans as members of the society and were present at important events in human history like George Washington crossing the Delaware River, Isaac Newton discovering gravity or the Moon landing. In modern times, the Pigs were almost ready to rise up, destroy mankind then nap. Even the Teen Titans, except Robin, were swept into the cult. However, for different reasons. Cyborg thought the Pigs were cute and wasn't really paying attention. Starfire liked their adorable curly tails. Raven didn't think the plan sounded evil in pig latin. Beast Boy only heard "nap" in the plan. Members were instructed to never speak the Old Tongue in the presence of the uninitiated.

The Titans were fed up with Robin spying on their conversations so they started talking in pig latin. They tried to teach Robin but he wasn't getting it. Starfire started planting clues for him like a drawing of a pig. Retiring to the Titans Tower's study, Robin researched to no avail until he slammed his head on the desk and a history book opened up. He noticed pigs and a recurring symbol at important historical events. Robin mastered pig latin and confronted the others. They tried to dissuade Robin's conspiracy theory and left for the market. They hit a button in the elevator and were transported to the Pigs' secret lair. Robin followed and found the button on the elevator panel thanks to a note left by Starfire in pig latin. The Pigs' leader, the Wise One, revealed himself to Robin and explained his race's history and plans. Despite a moving speech from Robin, the Wise One ordered the Pigs to destroy the Titans. Despite being armed with advanced laser blasters, the Pigs were no match. The Wise One attempted to escape but Robin back flipped into Cyborg's arm cannon and was launched at him. Robin punched him so hard, the Wise One turned into a pile of hambones.