Old MacDonald

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Real Identity: Old MacDonald
Appearances: Titan Saving Time
Powers/Skills: Farming, Armed, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Scott Menville

Old MacDonald is one of many farmers who took place in a scheme to create Daylight Saving Time to get revenge on people for eating up all their vegetables after they take months raising crops. At 1:59 am, one year, MacDonald sneaked into the Titans Tower through the vents and attacked Two O'Clock right before his shift started. MacDonald managed to overpower Two with his pitch fork and took Two away in a sack. He tied Two to a pole in his corn field. The Titans infiltrated his farm and sneaked undetected to the field. They freed Two but Beast Boy made the mistake of taking an ear of corn. They were flooded in spotlights. MacDonald threw his magnetized pitch fork through the field and pinned Two to the pole then summoned it back. He placed Two in his pocket and confirmed the Titans' crazy sounding theory about Daylight Saving Time.

MacDonald was amused by Starfire's declaration the Titans were going to end Daylight Saving Time. He slammed his pitch fork to the ground and powered up his farm animals. The pigs, cows, and hens battled the Titans but were defeated. MacDonald was nonchalant and clapped his hands. Bingo, his giant pet dog, came to his side. On his orders, Bingo proceeded to finish off the Titans once and for all. Luckily, it was sunrise. Daylight, MacDonald's old enemy, could now fight. He emerged from the clouds and punched out Bingo and MacDonald. He flew away with Two.