The Man

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Real Identity: The Man
Appearances: Beast Man
Powers/Skills: Mind Control of Adults
Voiced By: Scott Menville

The Man is a legendary force even among teenagers. Never seen, his will alone draws adults to his soul crushing office buildings. When Beast Boy was a man, he fell prey to the Man's mind control and went to work. The Man turned out to be a program of some sort that appeared on various panels and fed on paperwork filed by employees. The Teen Titans tried to get Beast Boy fired by placing a cartoon drawing of the Man in his out bin. The Man registered it as an error and fired Beast Boy... by fire. The Titans intervened. Annoyed with the presence of teenagers, the Man summoned the Guardians of Status Quo. The Titans regrouped and overloaded the Man by acting like typical annoying teenagers. Beast Boy returned to normal and lot's of adults were rendered unemployed.