Mummy Boss

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Pyramid Scheme
Powers/Skills: Business and Gunslinging
Voiced By: Khary Payton

The Mummy Boss is an evil mummy at the top of a pyramid scheme, an unsustainable business model that promises payments to participants based on the amount of additional people they enroll in the business instead of focusing on the sale of goods and services to the public. Beast Boy entered into the scheme to make enough money to buy Cyborg an expensive birthday present but he got obsessed with finding new ways to spend all the money he was taking in $100 at a time. The Mummy Boss gave him a sheriff badge to fool him into thinking he had status in the scheme and wouldn't lose out in the end. Several days later, Mummy Boss went to the Titans Tower for his cut of the income. The pyramid arose through the island and Mummy Boss wanted his mummy money.

Beast Boy presented a suitcase with a few dollar bills and a partially eaten sandwich. He was understandably angry and took the Teen Titans back with him as slave labor. They were forced to drag huge blocks across a desert to help build a pyramid. Robin "taught" Beast Boy the lesson of hard labor by having him change into a mother hen laying an egg. Robin cleared the baby chick out and dumped everything else out. He found a pair of clippers and freed everyone. They defeated the mummy gang inside the pyramid's saloon. The Mummy Boss soon arrived. Beast Boy came outside to engage him on a high noon showdown. However, before anyone could draw their guns, the Mummy Boss was run over by the Gold Bear in a Gold Car Beast Boy had bought.