Mother Mae-Eye

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Pie Bros, Grandma Voice, I'm The Sauce, Black Friday, The Titans Show, and The Streak: Pt 1
Powers/Skills: Mind Control
Voiced By: Billie Hayes

Mother Mae Eye is an evil baker who allegedly makes pies out of people. She set up shop in Jump City and opened Mother Mae Eye's Pie Shop at address 2020. Cyborg and Beast Boy were avid lovers of pie and frequently patronized the shop. For one of Cyborg's birthdays, Starfire held his party at the shop. During the party, Mother Mae Eye used her mind control to kidnap Starfire, Raven, and Robin. Like her previous victims, Mae Eye stuck the trio in an elaborate machine in the kitchen. They managed to escape alive and defeated Mae Eye while Cyborg and Beast Boy ate pies made with the others' own clothes and hair.

The Titans battled her once more. But during the battle, Cyborg's grandma voice took hold of his sub-conscious and drove Mae Eye away. Cyborg later fought Mae Eye again to save the other Titans. Mae Eye was insulted Cyborg wasn't really a grandmother and knocked some sense into him. Cyborg returned to normal and blasted Mae Eye as she floated away. Mae Eye later helped the Titans cheer up the sad cloud raining on Jump City with a game of Head's Up Seven Up for chocolate milk. Mother Mae Eye attacked an armored car with a giant pie during Crime Season. When she looked inside, the Titans were already waiting. Cyborg punched her out.