Mojo Jojo

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Real Identity: Jojo
Appearances: TTG v PPG
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Intelligence and Engineering
Voiced By: Roger Jackson

Jojo was originally Professor Utonium's hyperactive chimpanzee lab assistant who always broke something. During a crucial experiment, Jojo pushed the Professor into the vial holding Chemical X and caused an explosion. As a result, the Powerpuff Girls were born. Jojo's simian DNA mutated also. His skin turned green and his brain expanded in size. Despite becoming highly intelligent, the Professor began to focus more and more on the girls. Feeling inferior, Jojo ran away and lived on the streets of Townsville - becoming cold and emotionless. He turned to supervillainy and vowed to destroy Townsville and rule the world. Now Mojo Jojo, he was a formidable adversary of the Powerpuff Girls but his plans always seemed to fall apart and he was defeated. Often, Jojo pretended to be rehabilitated while plotting vengeance.

Mojo Jojo's latest plan was to unleash an army of cybernetically enhanced battle monkeys on Townsville. However, the Powerpuff Girls attacked his secret lab and Buttercup unplugged the monkey army. Mojo ran for it then blasted the girls with Powerpuff Girls Repellent. He revealed he discovered another dimension where superheroes don't fight supervillains and teleported there. He wound up in the living room of the Titans Tower and met Cyborg and Beast Boy. He surmised they were superheroes but to his surprise they volunteered to spend the day with him because he was a talking magic monkey. They raided most of the stores in the city, including Haunted Tank's Army Store, and loaded it all up in a stolen truck while they danced to a sick beat. They went to the Jump City Zoo and released all the simians. Mojo outfitted everyone with weapons. He managed to build one mech suit. They built a makeshift observatory lair in a pen for Mojo. Mojo was too tired to complete his evil plan and had to take a nap.

Beast Boy and Cyborg volunteered to finish his evil army but they made a monkey party instead. Mojo's perimeter alert rang and he saw the Powerpuff Girls. He used Cyborg and Beast Boy as bait. When the girls flew into position, he would unleash all of his Powerpuff Girls Repellent and destory them once and for all. Luckily, Robin could hear the Narrator and learned of the trap. Robin, Raven, and Starfire disguised themselves as the girls and were unharmed by the gas. The real girls sneaked up behind him. Bubbles hit him with a right punch, Buttercup kicked him in the brain dome, and Blossom uppercutted him. Cyborg told the ailing Mojo he wasn't mad at him because he was super cute when he talked. Mojo simply glared at him with one eye.