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Real Identity: Meaty
Affiliations: Mega Meaty Meat
Appearances: Employee of the Month: Redux
Powers/Skills: Management
Voiced By: Greg Cipes

Meaty is the servant of an alien called the Source. On Earth, he posed as the manager of the Mega Meaty Meat establishment and hired Beast Boy. Meaty didn't bother training Beast Boy and left him at the front counter and remained in the back room. Even though Beast Boy amassed a long line of angry customers, Meaty told him he was doing a great job and vanished again. Beast Boy soon discovered Meaty Meat was just a front for an alien mother ship using stolen cows as fuel while the leader, known as The Source, excreted a meat-free substitute called nofu to take the place of cows. Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and decked Meaty into a wall in the ship. He was presumably vaporized when Beast Boy destroyed the mother ship with his Takayama 3000.