Madame Rouge

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Beast Girl
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting and Infiltration
Voiced By: Hynden Walch

Madame Rouge is a super vilain who can disguise herself as anyone or anything. Viewing pizza as an abomination, Rouge vowed to destroy the world's supply of pizzas and replace them with pierogi and borscht. She took on Robin's form and took over a pizza factory in Jump City. The crime alert was triggered and the Teen Titans arrived. They were confused and asked the Robins what Starfire's favorite color was. The real Robin had no idea and guessed purple. The Titans started punching him until he whimpered. Cyborg realized only the real Robin would cry like that. Rouge revealed herself and her plan then fooled the Titans into punching each other. In the confusion, Rouge turned into a cannon and blasted the Titans back to their tower. The Titans tried to find Rouge before she struck again but were unaware she infiltrated the tower and pretended to be the couch. After Beast Boy met his double, Beast Girl, she thought she might be Madame Rouge but Beast Boy talked him down. Rouge revealed herself then grabbed the Titans and ran to the elevator.

Back at her rather obvious hideout in the city, Rouge trapped each Titan in a nesting doll. Beast Girl arrived with her friends, the rest of the Opposite Gender Titans, and beat up Rouge. Beast Girl turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and used her tail to whack Rouge out of her headquarters.