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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Illuminati
Appearances: (Seagull: All 52 episodes of Season One, Crab: All 52 episodes of Season Two, Pelican: All 52 episodes of Season Three) Master Detective
Powers/Skills: Planning, Shield Generation, Laser Generation, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Greg Cipes

The pelican, the crab, and the seagull served as the leader of the Illuminati in present times. To conceal their identities, they manned a giant robot named Lumino that acted as the leader. They carried out the secret society's well crafted and laid out plan for taking over the world. They installed lizard men in Congress and used Hollywood to hasten the New World Order. For about one year or 52 adventures, each animal took turns atop the rock that hid their secret base and spied on the Teen Titans. The seagull took first watch. Then the crab. Then the pelican. Some time after an octopus took up residence, Raven challenged Robin to solve the mystery of what happened to the other animals. Starfire thought the rock was a rock monster that ate one sea creature per year, Cyborg guessed they landed a sweet inheritance and were living it up, Beast Boy thought they were abducted by aliens and were being experimented on, and Raven believed the octopus ate the other three like what happens all the time in nature.

Robin suspected they were spies. He moved they interrogate the octopus. After it inked him in the face, Robin noticed the three markings on its head and pressed them together. They formed a triangle, the ancient symbol of the Illuminati. They took the T-Sub to the base of the crack hundreds of meters below the ocean and blasted a hole in it. They discovered a large empty cave inside. After several hours, Robin started digging and found a hatch bearing the Illuminati symbol. They descended into a chamber that held the Illuminati's treasures and laid out plans. Lumino appeared to them and decided there was no harm in walking them through their plan for world domination since they worked so hard on it. He started with the role of the banks but the Titans interrupted and asked about the animals. Lumino played dumb. They battled. Lumino blocked Cyborg's cannon blasts with its Conspiracy Cover-Up then returned fire with Illuminati Lasers. After taking several exploding Birdarangs, Lumino leaped into the air and punched at Robin with its Conspiracy Crush. He swiped Robin into a column.

Starfire attacked but was blasted with the Grassy Knoll Gaze. Beast Boy turned into a dinosaur and bashed Lumino. Robin threw out a bola. Raven generated a fist and punched him. Lumino admitted defeat and promised to stop all their domination plans if they let him go. Robin admitted they hit a dead end and accepted he was no master detective. After the Titans left, Lumino broke free from the bola. The three animals gloated. The octopus, inexplicably in the chamber as well, grabbed all three and ate them.