Lication Robots

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Lication
Powers/Skills: Technology and Business Aptitude
Voiced By: Scott Menville (Robot Leader)

A series of robots were created and they simply wished to serve mankind by performing all the jobs and fulfill all their needs in a far more efficient manner than humans could, all for free, forever. They settled on a plan to collapse the economy and replace everyone's jobs with robots. They did a startup business and made a free moneymaking smartphone application that allowed people to rent anything they weren't using to other people. Once everyone took part in the shareconomy, legitimate businesses would go bankrupt and set humanity on a path towards becoming completely reliant on autonomous labor. Among the Teen Titans, only Raven was leery of the implications the application would have on the economy and went as so far to predict it would lead to a robot apocalypse. The Titans eventually realized it was a scam and stormed the Jump City headquarters. The robots tried to explain they was no malice in their intentions and explained their purpose. Raven was vindicated and led the charge. The Titans destroyed every single robot. The Titans admitted they learned to never share anything, all robots were evil, and the best way to abbreviate 'application' was 'lication'.