King Goal

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Real Identity: King Goal
Appearances: Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt and Slapping Butts And Celebrating For No Reason
Powers/Skills: Magic and Soccer
Voiced By: Khary Payton

King Goal is the ruler of Soccer and commands all soccer trolls. He realized the only way to make soccer interesting was with magic. He started a centuries old plot and manufactured soccer balls with trolls hidden in them. In the present, the Teen Titans found a soccer troll and made it take them to Goal. He congratulated the Titans but refused to call back his trolls. They settled it in a sudden death match on the field. If Goal won, the Titans were dead. King Goal easily blocked the Titans' attempt with his gut then scored a goal on the Titans. They, however, were sore losers and tore up the field. After a troll named Larry went flying, Goal surrendered but the Titans kept going. Robin kicked him with his soccer cleets. Fallen over, Goal was beaten up by all of the Titans. Eventually they got bored and proposed bowling... but changed their mind.

King Goal decided to attack The Big Game in Jump City during the third quarter out of revenge for the Teen Titans ruining soccer for them. He surfaced in an end zone. Starfire didn't get his reasoning. Goal contended in soccer, at least players ran around. He saw football as just slapping butts and celebrating for no reason. Robin didn't disagree with him but refused to let him get away with his plan. Goal dropped down from his throne and proposed a game against the Titans. If Goal and his trolls won, American football would cease to exist. If the Titans won, he would never return. On the first play, Goal threw a touchdown pass. The Titans opted to bore the trolls into forfeiting the game by doing all the things Goal hated like stalling the hike, celebrating for no reason, and slapping butts. Eventually, Goal couldn't take anymore and surrendered. He and his trolls left before they had to watch any more football.