Imaginations Turned Evil

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Books and The Titans Show
Powers/Skills: Lightning Manipulation (Franklin), Invisibility (Invisible Man), and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Teen Titans got really bored with nothing to do around the Titans Tower. They noticed Raven was trying to read. She informed them that books were the world of imagination. Beast Boy got "The Return of the Invisible Man," Robin got "The Biography of Benjamin Franklin," Cyborg got "The Adventures of Pinnochio," and Starfire got "The Birdwatchers' Guide to Pelicans." The Titans read their books and wanted to take it to the next level. Raven always wanted to start a book club to share comments and demonstrated. The others were aghast and commented she just took the fun out of reading.

Raven suggested they read each others' books but they found that gross. The other Titans became obsessed with reading more books. They searched the Titans Tower for more but most found weird things. Starfire did find an old comic book but it wasn't enough. Beast Boy smelled something outside and dug up a buried chest. They found a book so evil that Raven buried it. They ignored Raven's warning and opened it. The book conjured manifestations of things in their imaginations, namely characters from their books - Pinnochio, The Invisible Man, Benjamin Franklin, and... three pelicans.

The Titans were outmatched one-on-one. Franklin tossed balls of lightning gleefully at Robin, the Invisible Man tossed Beast Boy around, Pinocchio ripped Cyborg's head off his body and proceeded to wrestle him in between jabbing him with his growing nose, and the Pelicans swarmed Starfire and pelted her with fish from their gullets at a rapid fire pace. Raven was unable to physically close the evil book and realized they needed to turn their imaginations off themselves. Book club was ruled to be the solution. They each did boring commentaries on their books. Beast Boy dispersed the Invisible Man before he got a wet willy. Each manifestation was sucked back into the evil book. Raven vowed to destroy the evil book.