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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: The Return of Slade and The Titans Show
Powers/Skills: Armed and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Scott Menville

Honk was a clown hired to perform at the Teen Titans' party celebrating their victory over their arch enemy Slade. Starfire was horrified by clowns and hid. Honk's classic big shoes, make up and acts were not how Beast Boy and Cyborg remembered their childhood love of clowns. They opted to make Honk cool with science, after he signed a waiver. They began experimenting on chemicals designed to make anything cool (according to them) but instead really made anything evil and scary. They perfected the formula and submerged Honk into their X-Treme-ification Chamber. After they unveiled the new Honk, he started beating up Robin. Raven was amused but thought it was a perversion of children's entertainment. Beast Boy and Cyborg gave Honk a squirt gun filled with the chemical solution and set him loose to make everything cool. Honk eventually made his way to Alfred's Toy Cave in the city and started transforming toys. The toys sprang to life and attacked children.

Raven declared they needed to remind Honk of the clown he used to be. They took to the T-Jet. The four Titans dressed like clowns, squeezed into a tiny clown car and hid in a giant missile. The T-Jet dropped the missile on the toy store. The Titans emerged and put on a performance for Honk. He was amused by them but did not change back. Just as he was about to spray them with the X-Treme-ification chemical, Starfire sucker punched him. She grimly stated she'll never trust clowns.