Halloween Spirit

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Real Identity: Halloween Spirit
Appearances: Halloween, Halloween v Christmas, and Easter Creeps
Powers/Skills: Fear Absorption, Conjuring, Animation, and Flight
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Since the dawn of time, the Halloween Spirit terrorized the land bringing nightmares to life. He fed on the fear of all children. As their fear got stronger, as did his power. Eventually, the people had enough. On the full moon of an All Hallow's Eve, they fought their fears and banished the Halloween Spirit. From their victory, new Halloween traditions were born.

In the present, Raven summoned the Halloween Spirit when the other Teen Titans became disenchanted with the Halloween holiday. Raven places a witch's eye, a dragon's scale, a mummy's hand, a goblin's tail, and two candy corns into a pumpkin then summoned him. The Halloween Spirit manifested and agreed to help Raven. However, he took Raven's desire literal and turned the other Titans back into children so they would be afraid of Halloween. After being spooked by some trick-or-treaters, Robin went into a panic and kicked the pumpkin. When it shattered, the Halloween Spirit was free. He flew off to Jump City to draw on fear of its citizens. Raven rallied the others to set out to banish him again before the full moon set. They armed themselves with pumpkins, costumes, and candy. The Halloween Spirit used his power to turn simple Halloween decorations into monsters. The Titans got over their fear, powered up on candy and defeated the monsters. They performed the ceremony to banish the spirit once again. The Titans held up their pumpkins and weakened the Halloween Spirit with beams emitted from them. Raven held up her pumpkin and banished him back to his realm. The other Titans were restored to normal.

Under siege by Santa Claus, the Titans turned to Raven to summon the Halloween Spirit. She placed a witch's eye, a dragon scale, a mummy's hand, a goblin's tail and two candy corns into a squash provided by Beast Boy that he kept in his pants for emergencies. Robin begged Halloween Spirit to help save Halloween from Santa. He was angered and agreed to make Santa pay for the affront. He summoned Creatures of the Night to aid him. Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and Dracula arrived. Halloween Spirit, however, lost the sword fight to Santa. Luckily, the Titans bombed Santa with dynamite and launched him back to the North Pole. Halloween Spirit returned the stolen decorations, costumes, and candy to Jump City then transformed Santa's sleigh and reindeer into something more to his liking. He, the Creatures, and Titans departed the Tower to celebrate the holiday. He later teamed up with Cupid Baby, Thanksgiving Turkey, and George Washington to steal Easter from the Easter Bunny. They attacked the Titans after they defeated Santa. Robin no look punched the Halloween Spirit out. He landed on Washington.