General Thraxis

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Real Identity: General Thraxis
Affiliation(s): The Blood Dominion
Appearances: Tamaranian Vacation and Nean
Powers/Skills: Military Warfare
Voiced By:

General Thraxis is the top military official of the army of the Blood Dominion. While on Tamaran negotiating a treaty, Thraxis met Starfire and the rest of the Teen Titans. Cyborg, ignorant of customs, shook one of Thraxis' tentacles. On Tamaran, a handshake was the most violent declaration of war. He vowed to wipe out the Tamaranians and destroy the planet. Starfire rallied a planetary defense and battled the Blood Dominion. The war ended with only 3/4 of the planet destroyed and Starfire brokered a truce with Thraxis by offering her hand in marriage. Naturally, Robin was upset by the proceedings. The last straw was Starfire revealing she would accompany Thraxis as he conquered the universe and would never see the Titans again. Robin declared there would be an annulment and blew up Thraxis with three exploding Birdarangs. With Thraxis' death, the truce was broken. The Blood Dominion prepared to attack and Starfire was charged with dishonoring her people. The Titans managed to save the planet with Tamaran's traditional show of bravery, defeating Gridnock the Skull Crusher.

Somehow, General Thraxis regenerated and apparently not one to hold a grudge, later attended Starfire's wedding ceremony where she almost married a pot of vegetarian chili until Raven stopped it by being nean.