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Real Identity: Ed
Appearances: Pie Bros., Driver's Ed, Black Friday, and The Fight
Powers/Skills: Theft and Planning
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

Ed is a carreer criminal who poses as a driver's instructor and uses his students as getaway drivers. Ed posts ads online and instructs his students to a car parked at a certain place and time. Beast Boy briefly worked as a lawyer but prosecuted his client, Ed, instead of defending him. Ed was convicted and taken away. Robin served as his driver as he robbed a bank, Pawn Dudes, Food Bear, casino, money factory, and a leprechaun. The other Teen Titans caught onto Ed and chased after him and Robin after a Diamonds Aplenty was robbed. Robin outdrove them. Ed finally passed Robin but only because he was the worst getaway driver ever. As he gloated about fooling Robin, Ed was pulled down a portal by a vile demon. During one of Blood's schemes, he dropped his massive drill onto the city to escape. Ed behind a car turned on its side as Robin stopped the weapon's descent.