Dr. Otto von Death

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Real Identity: Dr. Otto von Death
Appearances: Classic Titans
Powers/Skills: Engineering
Voiced By: Scott Menville

Dr. Otto von Death is the one-dimensional villain in the first episode of the classic Teen Titans cartoon. He grew up a strange boy not like the rest and didn't have an easy childhood. He wanted a normal life. He went to college, got married, and they had a son and daughter. Eventually, his daughter moved to Colorado with her boyfriend because she couldn't live another day in his house. His son wasn't working or going to school. Von Death couldn't figure out what he did on his computer in his room all day. To make matters worse, his wife was on his case about something or the other. On top of everything, von Death was turned down for term life insurance because of his high scholesterol. After Control Freak trapped the modern day Titans in the cartoon, von Death's robot pteradactyls attacked the Titans Tower. The Titans followed the robots to a mysterious island in uncharted waters. Robin launched a convenient dinosaur-tracking Birdarang and found von Death's lair. He dropped a prison cage on top of them.

Von Death revealed he created a robot dinosaur army and planned to launch them all over the world using his rocket. The robots would wipe out the human race just like the asteroids wiped out the dinosaurs. The Titans continuously called him "one-dimensional" and he denied it. At Beast Boy's beheast, von Death also revealed his back story and realized his plan was just a reflection of his desire to put an end to his own misery. Raven was not as moved as the others. She told him to get over his crummy wife. Von Death retorted she sounded like his wife. He walked away to prepare to launch his rocket. Starfire melted down several cage bars with her Starbolts. Von Death was surprised then sent his robot Tyrannosaurus Rex after them. Control Freak observed their badly animated battle and admitted the cartoon was hard to watch. Raven summoned Baby Jack and Growler from their "Babies vs. Dogs" show to finish off the robot. Baby fired his baby bottles at von Death while fired a laser pistol in vain. He tried to run for it but Baby tackled him and punched his face repeatedly. Growler picked up the robot Rex and tossed it. Von Death happened to be in it's path and was plowed into a wall. Growler fired several time bombs onto the rocket then he, Baby, and the Titans fled the lair. It blew up and was reduced to rubble. Control Freak freed the Titans and admitted he learned his lesson.