Dr. Light

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Real Identity: Dr. Arthur Light
Appearances: Staff Meeting, Artful Dodgers, Colors of Raven, Caged Tiger, Legs, Real Magic, Man Person, I See You, Nean, I'm The Sauce, Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory, Animals: It's Just a Word!, Black Friday, The True Meaning of Christmas, Pyramid Scheme, Finally a Lesson, The Titans Show, Who's Laughing Now, The Streak: Pt 2, Orangins, and Lication
Powers/Skills: Photokinesis
Voiced By: Scott Menville and Rodger Bumpass

Dr. Light is a scientist turned criminal who wears a super suit capable of light manipulation. He is a constant foe of the Teen Titans. Robin attempted to fight him with his broken, taped up staff. Dr. Light broke out in laughter then eventually blasted Robin with a light ray. Dr. Light later stole a Mysterious Prism from the Jump City Museum. The Titans dropped in on him from the T-Jet and were taken out one by one. Raven appeared and simply teleported him to jail.

Dr. Light devised a weapon that used light to superheat the air and cause instant disintegration of anyone in the immediate vicinity. Light planned to kill the Teen Titans once and for all. After he triggered a crime alert, Light was disappointed to see only Starfire and Raven respond. He convinced Raven and Starfire to wait for the other Titans. After some time, Light opened up and revealed his first name was Arthur then demonstrated a light bulb trick he did for his mother when he was a child. The trio went to eat at Justice Java. Light paid the bill and they went for dessert. Upon returning to the disintegrator, Light decided he would become a good guy and join the Teen Titans. However, the other Titans arrived and beat him senseless. Light swore revenge.

Dr. Light later went on a rampage in downtown Jump City. The Teen Titans responded but Beast Boy, obsessed with becoming a tough guy, stuck out his left hand and let it get shot off. Cyborg attached a robotic arm while he figured out how to reattach his hand. Dr. Light came up with a new plan to terrorize Jump City, chandelier death rays. While he constructed his chandeliers, Starfire noticed crystals all over Jump City during a fake stake-out with Robin. Eventually, Starfire found Dr. Light's hideout while disguised as "Jeff." Light attempted to cover up his creations as part of his hobby but "Jeff" found his diagram. "Jeff" crushed Light with his "Pain of Defeat" chandelier. Light recognized the irony then vowed revenge against "Jeff." Dr. Light later attended Starfire's wedding ceremony where she almost married a pot of vegetarian chili until Raven stopped it by being nean.

In another bid to destroy Jump City, Dr. Light devised the Light Bomb. Starfire flew it into space where it could detonate safely but she was caught in the blast wave and was hurled back onto Earth. Dr. Light later helped the Titans cheer up the sad cloud raining on Jump City with a game of Head's Up Seven Up for chocolate milk. He was later duped in a pyramid scheme and paid $100 to Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire. Dr. Light lived in a rent controlled apartment and his landlords later became the Teen Titans. To maintain the quality of the building, the Titans helped fix utilities. Starfire did some electrical work for Dr. Light but electrocuted herself. She later drove him out by blasting at him until he jumped out a hallway window. While trying to have a nice picnic, Light was mauled by a grizzly bear after it sneaked up behind him in a bush. The bear stole his pick-a-nick basket and presented to the others and Beast Boy who had chosen them as his spirit animal.

Dr. Light robbed the Diamonds Aplenty and exited with a big diamond. Robin's new Teen Titans tried to stop him to get a win for their Crime Season competition but he was entertained instead. Beast Boy and Sticky Joe played a jig for him while Santa Claus wrapped up the present. While Robin threw a fit, Light tried to sneak away but Kid Flash arrived and knocked him out. Dr. Light saw Robin's motorcycle on an application and rented it. He went to go get it but was beaten mercilessly by Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven, who thought he was stealing it. Robin explained the truth and started up the bike for Light. He informed him it was gassed up and ready to go then reminded him it was due back by 5:00 or there would be a late fee. He limped onto the motorcycle and left then crashed into something.