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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, and Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine
Powers/Skills: Fire Emission, Flight, Portal Generation, and Energy Blasts
Voiced By: David Kaye

Long ago, a powerful dragon created a kingdom without rival. For millennia, no one dared to challenge him. But then three astral beings named B.E.R. came. They created a sound more powerful than any, "The Night Begins to Shine". It gave birth to a new alternate reality, warping space and time around itself, inspired by the sound of the 1980s. The dragon's power was eclipsed by their radicalness and he was as helpless as a newborn infant. From then on, the night always shined in the land. Fearing the song would end up in the wrong hands, namely the dragon's, and be used to destory the world, B.E.R. sealed the song within a cassette tape and hid it in Cyborg. In the present, when Cyborg arrived, the dragon came up with a plan to steal the song and use it to take back the kingdom he created. He destroyed the Teen Titans' vehicles and demanded the song, claiming it belonged to him. Cyborg refused. The Dragon vowed to rip the song from his bones.

The Titans battled him with energy blasts, Star Bolts, magic chains, and a light saber staff but the Dragon was too powerful. He used his wing tips to form a portal and sent Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy back to the Titans Tower. The wolf came to Cyborg's rescue. The Dragon gave chase and claimed there was no escape. He mused the night would soon shine no more. He eventually cut them off and swiped them with his claws. He pinned Cyborg. Cyborg still refused so the Dragon swallowed him whole. Cyborg was stalked by a parasite but he invoked the song and teleported back outside. The dragon was impressed with his resourcefulness then snapped at Cyborg. Cyborg leaped and swung his sword at him. The dragon countered with its tail. Cyborg still refused and declared the song belonged to B.E.R. and angered the dragon. Cyborg was knocked to the edge of a cliff by his flame breath. Cyborg released his hold and flew off on the gold bird. He whispered instructions to it and the bird teleported away. The dragon told Cyborg his story but then had several drones encase Cyborg in a force sphere. The dragon declared B.E.R. was in hiding and gone forever.

The other Titans returned with B.E.R. but were ambushed by the Dragon's army. They were marched to Cyborg. The Dragon pulled up a giant keyboard machine then fired a beam at B.E.R. that tapped into their harmonic aura. He then used that to extract the song out of Cyborg. He bent the song to his purpose then started transforming the dimension. With control back in his hands, the Dragon sentenced B.E.R. and the Teen Titans to righteous termination. Cyborg wouldn't give up and rallied B.E.R. by asking them repeatedly if they believed in the power of music. They replied they did and Cyborg fired a blue pulse into the sky that reached Fall Out Boy and CeeLo Green. They suddenly sang the song and were pulled into portals. They were transformed by the song and destroyed the Dragon's army. He easily pulled the song from them as well. He reminded them the song was his. B.E.R. declared they weren't and played "Rise Up". To the Dragon's surprise, Sweet rose from the earth as the prophecy foresaw.

The Dragon flew up then dive bombed into Sweet. Sweet held out her hand and was undamaged. He roared and fired a massive energy blast from his mouth. She simply plucked it up and threw it aside. They charged each other then she kicked him into the air. The Dragon powered its wings up and flapped, generating a twin maelstrom. Sweet leaped up into orbit and fired a giant laser from her forehead. The Dragon was engulfed in the blast and was left severely weakened. Sweet gestured Cyborg to fulfill his role. He leaped onto the pegasus as it flew out of her forehead. The bird dropped a hilt to him. An energy axe formed. The Dragon vowed it wasn't the last time Cyborg would see him again. Cyborg struck the Dragon in the head and he faded away. B.E.R. and Sweet restored the beauty of the land with "The Night Begins to Shine".