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Real Identity: Uxas
Appearances: Two Parter: Part Two, The Titans Show, The Streak: Pt 1, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 1, and How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 2
Powers/Skills: Laser Emission
Voiced By: Weird Al Yankovic

Darkseid is the most dangerous villain in the universe. He was powerful enough to defeat any hero he faced. Darkseid's goal was to kill the Justice League then destroy Earth with the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid eventually captured the Justice League and suspended them over a fire pit in stasis tubes. He found himself facing the Teen Titans, dressed as members of the League. He vowed to cast them into the fires of Apokolips for their meddling but Starfire interrupted and offered him a lozenge. Darkseid accepted it and admitted he was fighting a cold for the longest time. His voice cleared but wasn't threatening anymore. Cyborg realized he sounded just like Weird Al Yankovic, the great singer of song parodies. Darkseid recognized the name and relished in the thought of being half as evil as Weird Al. Cyborg heard enough. However, Darkseid easily defeated the Titans with his eye lasers. Cyborg shed his power ring and vaporized Darkseid with a giant laser cannon. His feet were left and plunged into the fire pit below.

Darkseid was in Jump City during Crime Season. After he took a lozenge, Darkseid littered despite standing next to a garbage can. Robin nailed him with an uppercut, stabbed him in the gut with a staff, and hit him with right punch. Darkseid dropped to the ground. Robin jumped on and swatted him repeatedly with his staff. Darkseid weakly reached for his litter and put it in the garbage can.

Darkseid continued his ultimate goal of destroying a galaxy and moved Apokolips to it. A galactic crime alert reached the Teen Titans. Robin keyed into Darkseid's violation of galactic code 734-242 and decided to bring up the zoning dispute with the Galactic City Council. Darkseid heard of the Titans' space journey and hailed the Titans Tower Starship to gloat. Robin vowed to take up the issue with the council if he wouldn't back down. Darkseid shrieked in annoyance and taunted his skill in persuasion and experience in government at the local level. Robin couldn't wait. The Galactic Zoning Board heard the motion to allow Darkseid to move Apokolips into their solar system. Robin started and pointed out Darkseid was pulling a con on them then noted his reputation for destroying countless worlds and feeding on psychic despair. He shifted to what he saw as the real issue, the obstruction to their scenic views which would then cause their property values to drop. Darkseid countered the speech with a dazzling visual aid.

Darkseid promised Apokolips' orbit would cause an obstruction only twice a year and revealed he would compensate homeowners with a gift basket. The motion was approved. Darkseid gloated about overcoming the one procedural hurdle and vowed to destroy the galaxy. He teleported himself back to Apokolips. While Robin was crestfallen his subtle intellectual dicourse failed, the other Titans decided the only remedy was explosions. Cyborg analyzed Apokolips and determined they could destroy it with a proton missile if they disabled the planet's shield. Robin fretted over the fact they could only disable the shield by beaming down to the planet. Darkseid ordered his Parademons to find the Titans. A Parademon pointed out the Titans standing right by the shield generator. Darkseid observed them. He admitted the resemblance was undeniable but the kind of musical skills they were displaying could only be achieved by an uninteresting lifetime of practice. He ordered the Parademons to keep searching. The Titans destroyed the generator with their instruments, beamed back to the Titans Tower, and blew up Apokolips.