Dance Demon

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: The Overbite
Powers/Skills: Magic and Rhythm Absorption
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Raven discovered the other Teen Titans lacked any rhythm after observing their one move, the Overbite. Unable to teach them anything herself, she summoned the Dance Demon. He gave her the Power of Dance book to help teach the Titans how to dance but warned her not to go to the back of it and learn the forbidden moves. He returned to the Dance Dimension to cut some rugs. The Titans ignored the rather ominous warning and learned some sweet moves like the Shopping Cart, the Sprinkler, the Running Man and Cabbage Patch. The Dance Demon returned and decided they were good enough to be his back up dancers for eternity. He enslaved and whisked them away to the Dance Dimension. Raven took Birdarang and Beatbox as her back up dancers and they danced their way to the main stage in the Dance Dimension since there was no fighting. Dance Demon proposed a wager. If she won, the Titans would be freed. If he won, he would get her sweet dance moves. Raven lost and Dance Demon drained her of rhythm. Raven did the Overbite and got the crowd to join in. The demon admitted defeat and joined. He realized the Overbite the actually kind of fun.