The Carnies

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Fish Water and Chicken In The Cradle
Powers/Skills: Sabotage
Voiced By:

The Carnies are a trio of workers who operate and rig carnival games to make sure nobody ever wins. One is a slim man who gives the stink eye, the second a dimunitive man and the third a big burly man. The slim carnie flicked off the water gun challenge so Robin couldn't win. The short man rigged the strong man with a wooden plank before Cyborg could win. The third used Epic Glue on the milk bottles and nothing Raven tried knocked any over. Beast Boy was unable to make a basketball shot due to small rims. Starfire won the Win Fish, the only game not rigged because the goldfish don't live long. The Carnies gave the Titans the stink eye. The next day, the Titans returned to liberate the other gold fish so that Starfire's now deceased The Fish could move on to the next life. Robin opened the battle by spraying the Carnies with squirt guns then blasted a mouthful into the slim carny's mouth. Cyborg used the short man to win the strong man contest. Raven tossed hundreds of balls at the burly carny. Beast Boy turned into a chimpanzee and dunked the short carny. Starfire used the distraction to gather all the goldfish into a bag.

Beast Boy took his son, a chick, to the carnival. Beast Boy angered the dimunitive carny by breaking the strong man tester with his gorilla form. The burly carny threw a dart at the Thwack a Chicken game and knocked one down. It offended Beast Boy and his son. They pecked the carny.