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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Kabooms Pt: 2
Powers/Skills: Hacking and Cyberkinesis
Voiced By:

The Cyber-Hackers are a trio of criminals who starred as the main villains in "Babies vs. Dogs The Movie". The Hacker's scheme involved hacking the White House. Growler sought out Baby Jack because he believed the Hackers could stopped only if they worked together again. As Baby Jack and Growler sparred, the Cyber-Hackers opened a cyber portal and appeared. They started typing. Baby and Growler ran from the former's cabin and it exploded. They looked up from the ground but it was too late. The Hackers knocked them out with their keyboards. The Teen Titans, except Robin, were bored by the exposition. Raven teleported them into the movie with her magic in an effort to save it. Beast Boy went first and tried some movie stunt moves like running along the wall and doing a series of flips. As he performed a jump kick, a Hacker threw out a bola, with mouses on the end, and captured Beast Boy. Starfire blasted Starbolts but they dodged them with little effort. One bounced a Starbolt off a CD and knocked Starfire into a wall.

Cyborg fired missiles at them but the teleported away and reappeared around him. They hit him in the head with their keyboards. They typed together and formed a giant cyber head of themselves. It fired a powerful laser and blew up the Titans, Baby, and Growler. Robin insisted they would have know how to defeat the Hackers if they listened to the exposition. Raven realized they could try to bore them to sleep with exposition. Just as the Hackers hacked the White House, Cyborg talked about how his father was a good man and he struggled to live up to his example. The blue haired Hacker screamed and balled up against a wall. Beast Boy stated he was a person with goals and wanted to talk about them. They purple haired hacker screamed. Starfire repeated "the exposition" over and over. The green haired Hacker begged them to say no more. Starfire asked Robin to finish them off with his back story. Robin talked about his circus family and training a baby bear cub he named Gunther. The Hackers couldn't believe he was still talking and stated it was so boring. One weakly canceled the hack with his keyboard. The others declared victory but Robin kept talking. They quietly walked away.