Control Freak

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Nose Mouth, Friendship, Real Boy Adventures, I'm The Sauce, The Fourth Wall, Black Friday, Finally a Lesson, The Titans Show, and Movie Night
Powers/Skills: Transportation and Knowledge of Pop Culture
Voiced By: Alexander Polinsky

Control Freak is a young supervillain who is an evil fanboy armed with weird and/or geeky inventions. Control Freak was seen in one of Robin's sleep fighting dreams and surrounded Starfire with Plasmus, Killer Croc and Kyd Wykkyd. They were easily and quickly beaten up by Robin.

Some time later, the Teen Titans beat up Control Freak near a Dent TV store but Raven passed and watched an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus at a TV display. Control Freak used his remote control to transport the Titans into an episode of the show. Raven deduced the only way to escape would be to help solve Butterbean and Sparkleface's problem and learn a lesson along the way. Control Freak was moved to tears by Butterbean's advice to the Unicorns to play with their hearts and Raven comforting the Gumdrop Goblin into submission. However, once back in Jump City, the Titans resumed beating up Control Freak much to Raven's dismay. Freak later helped the Titans cheer up the sad cloud raining on Jump City with a game of Head's Up Seven Up for chocolate milk.

Control Freak's master plan of rebooting the Teen Titans and broadcasting them as a television series through the fourth wall failed. Instead of garnering accolade and awards, Freak was met with criticism. People thought it was garbage. The sense of humor was too lowbrow, the acting was terrible, and the design and animation was hated. He revealed his plan to the Titans and threatened to reboot them again, but admitted rebooting the first time was a mistake, unless they helped improve the show. Freak was impressed with the improvement but was proud he got the Titans to 'reboot' themselves. They retaliated by farting in unison. Back to normal, they shattered the fourth wall so Control Freak couldn't reboot them again. Control Freak lived in a rent controlled apartment and his landlords later became the Teen Titans. To maintain the quality of the building, the Titans helped fix utilities. Raven had to fix a clog in Freak's kitchen sink. It was a very large amount of food. She later drove him out by opening a portal under him. He landed outside just in time for Cyborg to punt him.

Tired of watching the Titans do the same thing over and over, Control Freak captured the Titan Yacht, wiped the Titans' memories, placed them on a fake island inside a giant viewing arena and suppressed their powers. The Titans' other enemies were intrigued and went to the arena to watch the Island Adventures unfold. The Titans eventually discovered the island was fake and found the hatch to the viewing arena. Control Freak admitted his part in the farce and revealed the other villains. A big battle ensued. Robin called in the Island Extras - dinosaurs, an alien hunter, sports equipment with faces on them, a Starfire cat, and the Millionaire and his Wife - to help defeat them all. Control Freak attempted to run away but Robin and Beast Boy destroyed his hover chair with Birdarangs. Just as the Titans declared the summer event to be over, Control Freak revealed more villains had arrived - Penguin, General Zod, Mr. Freeze, the Joker, Darkseid, Two-Face, Riddler, Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy, Bane, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, Sinestro, and Slade.

At some point, Control Freak bought an old TV. Robin assumed it was for a scheme and smacked Freak with his staff then ran off with the TV. It was stored in a room in the Titans Tower's basement.