Computer Pirates

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: BL4Z3
Powers/Skills: Pirating
Voiced By: Greg Cipes (Captain)

The Computer Pirates are dangerous criminals who target intellectual property. Using the Internet, they illegally obtain music, movies, games, and other forms of entertainment then distribute them for free, costing companies millions to billions of dollars in lost revenue. They are often opposed by the FBI and face a $250,000 fine and a potential five year sentence. Robin's crime alert system flagged a crime committed by the Computer Pirates. He felt the Teen Titans could help the FBI and go on a cool hacker adventure by using advanced VR helmets to transport their consciousness into his computer. The other Titans were more interested in a high seas adventure and jellybeans. Robin ran a search online for pirates but the connection was slow and they had to wait. To Robin's surprise, a pirate ship appeared on the Internet. The captain was impressed with their haul of music, movies, and office productivity software. Robin was depressed and wanted to leave it to the FBI. The other Titans got him to free his mind.

Robin downloaded swash buckling software, pirate voices, and a pirate ship for the Titans. The pirates spotted the Titans too late and Raven took out their look out with a cannon. The Titans brought their ship side by side and opened fire. Starfire threw an anchor on one. Cyborg and Beast Boy blew two up with an old fashioned bomb. Robin drew his sword and battled the captain, forcing him on the ship's plank. The captain vowed they would never stop computer piracy because it was a victimless crime. Robin cited the companies, artists, and consumers who would lose out. The captain fell off the plank into the abyss of the Internet. The Titans looked at the pirates' haul but three FBI agents arrived and mistook them for the pirates. They drew katana blades and leaped at the Titans.