The Bad Eggs

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Chicken In The Cradle
Powers/Skills: Rotting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After Beast Boy's son, a chick, ate bird seeds for the first time, he began to hang out with the Bad Eggs, a trio of rotten eggs. Beast Boy got out a catcher's mitt from his closet but the others informed him he left an hour ago to hang out with some real bad eggs. Beast Boy didn't like that and searched for his son. He caught him making graffiti outside. Beast Boy made a passionate plea and convinced his son to stop but the Bad Eggs intervened. Beast Boy turned into a rooster and pecked at them. One shattered and Beast Boy was grossed out by the repulsive yolk. He turned into a beaver and smashed the second with his tail then was disgusted by the smell. The third went after his son. He turned into a badger and bit it. He promised to never let his son down again and they hugged.