Beast Boy's Brain

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Head Fruit
Powers/Skills: Escape Arts
Voiced By: Greg Cipes

Beast Boy didn't trust his own brain on account of its many attempts to escape his head. After getting into trouble a lot, Beast Boy neglected his brain so it became weak and couldn't escape anymore. Over the years, the neglect caused brain shrinkage but Beast Boy functioned "normally." The Titans learned of this and urged him to take up a hobby. Beast Boy made amends with his brain and they settled on gardening. However, a tree began growing out of one of his ears. Beast Boy wanted it pulled out but the Titans convinced him it was good thing. Three weeks later, the tree began producing head fruit and there was even a tree house. The tree had grown out of the Titans Tower into the clouds. The brain sneaked up into clouds and chilled out. The other Titans tried to catch him but he was too slippery and astonishingly quick. The brain leaped onto the back of a hawk and declared his freedom. The Titans stuck a Maraca in his ear and Beast Boy reverted to normal.