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Real Identity: Robin
Appearances: The Avogodo
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Impenetrable Skin
Voiced By: Scott Menville

On Cinco de Mayo, Robin tried out an avocado for the first time and loved its mushy, flavorless taste. During a battle with Cinderblock, Robin discovered they temporarily gave him super powers. He vowed to become the greatest force for good Jump City had ever seen. Robin soon became obsessed with consuming only avocados. But since they were expensive in the long run, Robin held onto a seed then broke into the Jump City Warehouse to steal all the crates of avocados inside. The other Titans noticed a break-in at the warehouse and investigated. Robin revealed himself. He tossed out his seed and tendrils burst out, wrapping up the Titans. Robin declared he was now Avogodo, the god of avocados. He broke open a crate and consumed several at once. He transformed into a giant avocado monster and marched to the Florida Flo's Orange Groove to begin his plan to replace every crop in the country with avocados.

The Titans were powerless to stop him. They regrouped and made a giant guacamole dip then tricked Avogodo into trying it. They then revealed they also added onions, salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Avogodo lost his powers and shrunk into a shriveled clump. The Titans imprisoned Robin in isolation in the Titans Tower until the effects of the avocados wore off. Robin thanked the Titans and kicked himself for giving into the marketing hype. Starfire granted his request and gave him a glass of water. After they left, Robin spit out a seed and placed it over his water.