Alien Hunter

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Pure Protein and The Titans Show
Powers/Skills: Camoflauge, Armed Combat, and Hunting
Voiced By:

For the finale of a series of survival challenges, Robin used his Titans Communicator to call down an alien big-game hunter to stalk them relentlessly until he's collected all their skulls as trophies. From the jungle, the Hunter blasted Cyborg's right arm off. Using his helmet's infrared vision, he destroyed the trees they were hiding against then swung from vines and severed their vines with sharp projectiles. They landed on the branch of a tree. He decloaked above them and opened fire with his gun. The Titans ran for it and fell off a waterfall. The Hunter eventually made his way down and caught up after Robin abandoned them. Cyborg offered the Hunter a bowl of coconut curry. The Hunter loved it. Beast Boy complimented his gear then offered a palm frond cape. Starfire noted the cape complimented his mandibles.

He was smitten with the Titans and chilled out with them - playing volleyball with Cyborg and Beast Boy, making sand castles with Raven, and sun tanning with Starfire. However, he eventually had to depart. The Titans saw him off at his space ship. The Titans and Hunter solemnly exchanged goodbyes. Beast Boy gave him a parting bowl of coconut curry for the road. The Hunter told them 'bye' and shed tears. While his ship was near Earth's atmosphere, Hunter put his newly polished, and very Robin-like, skull on a pedastel. The Alien Hunter later helped the Titans fight their greatest enemies when they discovered Control Freak was behind their Island Adventure. He destroyed many MacGuffin Guardian robots and ripped the Brain off his roving device.