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March 16, 2012
Movie Screening
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June 12, 2012
Superman vs. The Elite releases.

July 24, 2012
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Jimmy Olsen

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Real Identity: James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen
Affiliation(s): Daily Planet
Powers/Skills: Photography
Voiced By: David Kaufman

Jimmy Olsen started at the Daily Planet as a photographer. He began working alongside his two favorite co-workers, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, and looked up to the boss, Perry White as "Chief." Despite Lane's reputation as a daredevil reporter, Olsen was the only photographer that continued to work with her. Like clockwork, Superman began to save Olsen from a range of embarrassing to life threatening events. Eventually, he invented a signal watch to help alert Superman and get himself out of a bind. When the Elite debuted, Olsen was just as interested in them but asked Kent what Superman thought of them. Olsen later covered the Elite's battle with Atomic Skull and Superman.