National Security Agency

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (TZP): His Maker's Name, Hicksburg, Ro's Reunion, Absolute Zero, Wired Part Two, Cabin Pressure, and The Hologram Man
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On May 20, 1942, the Armed Forces Security Agency was formed within its parent agency, the United States Department of Defense as an initiative to direct communications and electronics intelligene. However, after the AFSA suffered from the lack of centralized command, Walter Bedell Smith issued a memo on December 10, 1951 to the National Security Council. On November 4, 1952, the National Security Agency was founded under the term of President Harry Truman. The insignia of the NSA became a bald eagle covered in an American shield, clutching a key to symbolize the organization's hold on security and secrets.

Since then, the Baltimore-based agency has grown to be at the forefront of cryptography, foreign intelligence, and information systems. The NSA has also been repeatedly suspected of breaking laws, including gathering intelligence without a warrant, and illegal wiretapping controversy. After a breach in a Cadmus Project facility and subsequent attack on it from the Justice League Unlimited Watchtower, the NSA began to conduct a full investigation. Decades later, the NSA is still active and appears to be focused on terrorist activity, including that of Kobra and Brother's Day, and intelligence, mostly gathered by infiltration unit synthoids. It appears that the NSA are overseers of synthoid production and the top secret Zeta Project. Special Agent Bennett heads his own task force, dedicated to capturing and/or destroying the renegade infiltration unit Zeta.