Wayne-Lex T-7

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (TNBA/STAS): World's Finest Part One, Part Two, and Part Three
Powers/Skills: Laser Emission and Enhanced Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Wayne-Lex T-7 was a joint venture for Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp. Resembling a robotic six legged insect, the T-7 was created with Bruce Wayne's intent on using it for unmanned space exploration. Lex Luthor, however, wanted to weaponize it and sell it to the United States federal government. He impulsively created an entire line of giant T-7's armed with various guns and cannons. However, as part of the venture, Luthor needed Wayne's approval of every technological application. The Joker used one of the T-7's to try and kill Batman. Batman fled Hobb's Bay and the robot gave chase all the way to the Daily Planet. With Superman occupied with a fake distress call, Batman ran in to the printing room with Lois Lane. When it was momentarily distracted by Lane, Batman forced the T-7 into a printing press. Just in time, Superman arrived to apply the finishing blow.

Enraged with being implicitly linked to the Joker, Luthor called him to a LexCorp facility where he was kidnapped by the mad villain. When Batman and Superman arrived, they were attacked by the giant T-7 models. While Batman went after the Joker, Superman elected to finish off the robots. After discovering Mercy Graves was strapped to one and a piece of Kryptonite called the Laughing Dragon, Superman used a lead-lined door to destroy it. After the battle, Bruce Wayne dissolved his venture with LexCorp after learning about the giant T-7's.