Nth Metal

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Origins Part Two, Part Three, In Blackest Night Part One, Part Two, Injustice For All Part One, Part Two, War World Part One, Part Two, The Brave and The Bold Part Two, Fury Part One, Part Two, Legends Part One, Part Two, Metamorphosis Part One, Part Two, The Savage Time Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Twilight Part One, Part Two, Tabula Rasa Part One, Part Two, Only A Dream Part One, Hearts and Minds Part Two, A Better World Part One, Part Two, Eclipsed Part Two, The Terror Beyond Part One, Part Two, Secret Society Part One, Part Two, Hereafter Part One, Part Two, Comfort and Joy, Wild Cards Part One, Part Two, Starcrossed Part One, Part Two, Part Three, For The Man Who Has Everything, Wake The Dead, Task Force X, The Balance, Hunter's Moon, Divided We Fall, Epilogue, I Am Legion, Shadow of the Hawk, Grudge Match, Ancient History, and Destroyer
Appearances (SS): A League Of Their Own Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Two and The Mirror Crack'd Part Three
Powers/Skills: Hyperconductivity, Meson-Graviton Inversion, Dimensional Interference, and Anti-Magic
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Nth Metal a transuranic iron, with an atomic number of 676, native to the planet Thanagar. Its clearly defined ferrous properties are able to govern the four fundamental forces of the universe: strong, weak, gravitational, and electromagnetic. Its anti-gravitational aspect can cause users to levitate and fly. It also has the properties of hyperconductivity and meson-graviton inversion. The first known use of Nth Metal was to forge weapons capable of repelling magic and fighting those associated with it, namely Icthultu. The Thanagarians then utilized Nth Metal for space travel and all of their technology. One such vessel crash landed in ancient Egypt circa 6600 B.C. and centuries later, Nth Metal is still used on Earth where it was found to be useful against force fields, for resuscitation, and fighting metahumans with the power of intangibility. Somehow, it interferes with the dimensional shifting aspect of the power.

The archaeologist Carter Hall was convinced he was an incarnation of Katar Hol and became obsessed with Hawkgirl. He gathered Nth Metal from a dig site in Egypt and fashioned a costume from it. He called himself Hawkman. The most extensive use of the metal was for a Hyperspace Bypass System, the size of a building, to teleport their fleet to the Gordanian Homeworld. It required large amounts of power and several planets had to be sacrificed to open a window of that magnitude. Earth was the last planet but its Bypass device was destroyed by the Justice League after discovering it wasn't a force field generator. After the Thanagarian occupation of Earth, Nth Metal weapons became a commodity and sold on the black market. Several of them were confiscated by the Justice League and stored in both the Fortress of Solitude and the Watchtower's High Security Storage Room. Dr. Fate offered Shayera Hol asylum at his tower and hid her Nth Metal mace in a pocket dimension so it wouldn't interfere with the localized flow of magic. Once Hol agreed to return and battle Solomon Grundy, she used her mace to kill him a second time and months later, Wonder Woman used it to destroy the Annihilator when Felix Faust stole it.