The Loyal Cult of Vandal Savage

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Movies): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Three, Chapter Four, and Chapter Five)
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By:

Vandal Savage was originally a caveman granted immortality by the radiation of a meteor that landed on Earth. He lived through many ages, assuming new identities, taking part in many military engagements, and accumulating knowledge, wealth, land, assets, and influence. He ruled a global empire and zealots formed a cult around him. They were known to have met in Savage's catacombs under Paris, where occult ceremonies and sacrifices were conducted. Only his zealots and heirs were granted passage to the catacombs. Savage's fallen warriors were buried in the walls, in the ground, and even thrown into the aqueduct system then added to a magical security system. If it was set off by interlopers, the dead would be reanimated and attack. A dark priest was directed to bind the Amaurex Key to the dead. A reanimated defender kept the key from being bound to a living user that wasn't Savage and grew stronger over time. For a time, Savage could control the zombie. After some time, the key fell out of his grasp.

Vandal Savage chose his daughter Scandal Savage to succeed him and groomed her to rule his empire until he realized she wouldn't do everything his way. In the present, he and his zealots came into conflict with Zoom and Amanda Waller over the Get Out of Hell Free Card. He ultimately died in the finale. Knowing a blood relative of is would eventually be needed, Waller came up with a scenario to manipulate Scandal Savage into taking her side. Waller found her location on the Recovery naval ship, anonymously tipped off Savage's followers, then formed a new Suicide Squad to rescue her and her lover Knockout. Vandal Savage's lieutenants and underlings stormed the Recovery to assassinate Savage before she learned of her father's death and tried to take over his empire. Ironically, she had no interest in succeeding him and only wanted to protect her lover, Knockout. Waller and the squad came to her aid. Waller informed her what was happening and suggested a safer location for Knockout to recover.

Savage fell for it and accepted Waller's offer. Gentleman Ghost was bound to safeguard the bearer of the key as it functioned best where it currently was. He intervened and attempted to kill them all at Granary Burial Grounds. Deadman arrived and dispatched him. The ghost of the blacksmith who finished the key told the story of his part in its creation. They went to Paris and met with Scandal Savage and explored the catacombs but set off the undead warriors.