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The second season starts in September with a two part episode.



Sept. 09, 2008
Volume 3 Releases

Feb. 05, 2008
Volume 2 Releases


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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Legacy, Sundown Part Two, The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part Two, Chained Lightning, and Who Am I?
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Takron-Galtos was once a harsh and uninhabited world until the Science Police selected it for their training faciliy. The facility grew over time to become a small prison and armory. Eventually, it grew into a maximum security prison for the worst criminal offenders. Prisoners were kept powerless by light-based pacification technology. Some of the more notable prisoners are the Fatal Five, the Legion of Super Villains, and Alexis Luthor. The Fatal Five, in particular, are infamous for repeatedly escaping the planet.

When Imperiex arrived, Takron-Galtos was liberated. The Fatal Five and the Legion of Super Villains used Takron to imprison members of the Legion of Superheroes until a surviving few turned the tide with Supermen.