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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): The Fatal Five
Appearances: Man of Tomorrow, Champions, Sundown Part One, Part Two, and The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part Two
Powers: Enhanced Intelligence
Voiced By: David Lodge

While on the run on Zadron, a petty thief was caught in the explosion of a nuclear device he stole when the Science Police tried to shoot him. Half his body was instantly vaporized. He was rushed into emergency surgery and attached to a robotic half. Naming himself Tharok, he was gifted with heightened intelligence through his robotic side. Tharok escaped his prison and went on a crime spree.

He later joined the Fatal Five, a collective of the worst criminals according to the Science Police. Months later, his intelligence came into play when Brainiac 5 needed assistance in constructing a solar transducer to destroy an active Sun Eater.