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Real Identity: Mordru
Appearances: Trials
Powers: Magic
Voiced By: James Ward

Mordru was a wizard on the planet Zerox with an above average potential for the mystic arts. However, he was corrupted by immortality and black magic, including the cult of Yog Shoggoth, the Beyond-One. Mordru was found out then stripped of his power by the High Council with a Magus Interruptus spell and banished.

He came to the conclusion that Zeroxian society became outdated and needed to be rebuilt in his vision. Rather than complete the Trials, Mordru searched the universe of magical talismans for power. He found the Lamentation Pentacle and returned to Zerox. He planned to use the Pentacle to drain the magic from each member of the High Council and replace his own. The Legion of Superheroes and Zyx intervened. With the Pentacle destroyed, Star Boy buried him alive in a suspended animation.