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Real Identity: Mano
Affiliation(s): The Fatal Five
Appearances: Man of Tomorrow, Champions, Sundown Part One, Part Two, and The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part Two
Powers: Antimatter Touch
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mano was born on Angtu, a world so polluted that inhabitants are required to wear special oxygen helmets to survive. When a woman was pregnant, her helmet was cracked and she inhaled some of the pollutants in the air. She gave birth to a dark-skinned child who could breathe freely on Angtu and could disintegrate anything with a mere touch. Mano became an outcast because of his uniqueness and he grew more and more resentful. This repressed anger manifested as psychopathic urges. Mano began murdering people. When the Science Police failed to arrest him, Mano destroyed Angtu and started a career as an assassin for hire.

He later joined the Fatal Five, a collection of the Science Police's worst criminals. Some time later, when the Five allied with the Legion of Superheroes to destroy the Sun Eater, Mano was dispatched to retrieve antimatter. With his antimatter touch, Mano was the only one capable of harvesting the component. He later joined in the battle to defeat the Legion of Superheroes but was defeated and returned to a cell in Takron-Galtos. His hand is sealed with a special restraint that neutralizes his power.