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Alexis Luthor

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Real Identity: Alexis Luthor
Affiliation(s): MetroInternet
Appearances: Legacy, Sundown Part Two, and The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part Two
Skills: Robotics
Voiced By: Tara Strong

A descendant of Alexander Luthor in the 30th century, Alexis Luthor lived a privileged life and was expected by others to grow up to became a visionary like her relatives before her. Through the family stock portfolio, Luthor became the largest shareholder in MetroInternet and was given an office due to standard requirements. However, she was only interested in playing with her robots and accepted her role as an outsider in social circles. Her teenage rebellion was well documented and Luthor became notorious for getting into trouble.

While traversing New Metropolis in an exo-suit, Luthor was saved by Superman. She became obsessed with Superman to the point where she was interfering with his Legion duties. Angered by the Legion, Luthor approached the Scavengers, outfitted them with cutting edge technology, and then led the charge on Legion Headquarters. In her naive world, if the Legion were destroyed, she could have Superman all to herself. Superman arrived and caused her suit to overload. In the aftermath, Luthor was rendered bald and sent to Takron-Galtos. Years later, Luthor escaped when Imperiex set everyone free. She was never seen afterwards.