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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): The Dominion
Appearances: The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part One, Part Two, Chained Lightning, Who Am I?, Unnatural Alliances, Message In a Bottle, and Dark Victory Part One
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Impenetrability, Energy Projection, Charisma, and Leadership
Voiced By: Phil Morris

Originally an enslaved military soldier in the 40th century, a man lost his limbs in constant battle, including a battle with Gordanians, and had them replaced with various technologies invented by a scientist named Abel. Eventually, the soldier was nearly robotic. Renaming himself Imperiex, he amassed an army and set out to tear down known society and cause chaos.

Virtually unstoppable, Imperiex destroyed most of the universe by the 41st century. However, he did possess a momentary weakness. When he projects an energy blast, Imperiex briefly exposes his energy core. A well placed electromagnetic pulse could deactivate him. The Resistance secured a DNA sample of Superman and created Kell-El to defeat him. When Superman X was unable to, he utilized a Warp Key to go back in time and recruit the Legion of Superheroes. Brainiac 5 deduced his weakness and succeeded in defeating Imperiex. However, his energy reserve activated and Imperiex stole the Warp Key. In the 31st century, he conducted a similar campaign that rewrote the future. The Legion and Superman X were able to rig a crude wormhole and returned to oppose Imperiex.

He freed the prisoners of Takron-Galtos as a diversion and infiltrated the Legion Headquarters. There, he hacked into the Computo database and accessed all of their secrets and information. Well informed, he journeyed to Dominion territory and forged an alliance with the Dominators. In addition, he recruited many criminals to his cause, including Dr. Londo and Lightning Lord. For months, Imperiex invaded planets of strategic importance and battled the Legion to a draw. He also managed to place spies everywhere across the universe. His war came to a brief pause when Terra Man arrived from the 41st century to assassinate Abel before he could create the technology crucial to Imperiex' power. Imperiex was forced to ally with Kell-El to destroy Terra Man. Afterwards, he continued his campaign and concluded his victory would be sealed with Brainiac 5's loyalty.

Imperiex hacked into Brainiac 5 and activated the dormant programming of Brainiac. While searching for the Messanger in Kandor, Imperiex was able to manipulate Brainiac 5 into lifting security protocols that kept Brainiac from influencing its ancestor. Imperiex then assembled a massive military gathering to attack the Legion Battle Cruiser and corrupt Brainiac 5 once and for all. The strategy succeeded and Brainiac 5 joined Imperiex. However, Brainiac was in control and destroyed Imperiex.