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Real Identity: Otto Orion
Affiliation(s): Legion of Supervillains
Appearances: Lightning Storm, The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part Two, and Who Am I?
Skills: Hunting, Tracking, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Otto Orion lived on the Simballi, a world with a massive jungle filled with dangerous beasts. Orion earned a reputation as the planet's best hunter. Unsatisfied with his accomplishments, Orion began hunting other humans until he was made ruler. He became bored again and set out across the universe as Hunter. One of his known captures was that of a Space Squid on Rigel-9.

Hunter later joined Tyr's Light Speed Vanguard and was defeated by the Legion of Superheroes when it was revealed they were mercenaries for hire. He later joined the battle to get revenge by demolishing Legion Headquarters. Hunter was recaptured and sent back to Takron-Galtos.