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Real Identity: Markx Grimbor
Appearances: Karate Kid and In the Beginning
Powers/Skills: Intuitive Aptitude, Bonds, Locks, Restraints, Theft, and Kidnapping
Voiced By: Lex Lang

Markx Grimbor is a specialist in locksmith technigue and restraint technologies. Having mastered an intuitive talent, Grimbor took pride in being able to solve any challenge that required his forte. For some time, Grimbor acted as a consultant to the Science Police and designed restraints for criminals. He grew bored and hired himself out to the criminal underworld.

The Science Police assigned Hart Druiter to a special unit that was dedicated to capturing Grimbor. Grimbor crossed paths with the Legion of Superheroes when he attempted to catch them for Imperiex' bounty. In addition to his devices, Grimbor designed a ray gun that neutralized super powers. However, Grimbor met his match in the Legion's latest recruit, Karate Kid. Grimbor later appeared to capture R.J. Brande for Roderick Doyle.