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Dr. Londo

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Real Identity: Dr. Mar Londo
Affiliation(s): Interplanetary Federation of Scientists
Appearances: Timber Wolf and Cry Wolf
Skills: Bioengineering, Cloning, and Nanotechnology
Voiced By: Harry J. Lennix and Dorian Harewood

Dr. Londo was once a respected industrialist and scientist on planet Zuun. He led the charge to aggressively mine the planet's natural resource, Zune, since it aided in his experiments. Londo reloacted to Rawl with his son Brin Londo to carry on illegal research and avoid United Planets jurisdiction. He was also condemned by the Interplanetary Federation of Scientists as a radical.

Obsessed with creating the ultimate warrior, Londo experimented on Rawl's local indigenous species but to no avail. He turned to his son and bioengineered him through irreversible DNA manipulation. Brin Londo went into a super agitated state and fled the facility. Unable to capture him alone, Londo faked a distress call to the Legion of Superheroes and manipulated them into capturing his son. The Legion realized what was happening and confronted Londo. Timber Wolf spared Londo but destroyed his computers and freed his subjects.

Dr. Londo was approached to join Imperiex' alliance and supply him with an army. Londo created an army of synthetic Bio-Golems that could be controlled mentally by implanted nanites. He also promised a worthy general and used the same nanites to draw Timber Wolf to the fold. Fully aware of his last encounter with the Legion, Londo created a clone of himself and dispatched it to Rawl to confront Timber Wolf. After Timber Wolf proved his innocence, Londo's clone dissolved and the real one remained on the loose.