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Real Identity: Drax
Appearances: Phantoms
Powers: Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Breath, Laser Projection, and Impenetrability
Voiced By: Greg Ellis

After being routinely defeated by Superman and returned to the Phantom Zone, Kryptonian criminals allied together and were able to create a near genetic equal to Superman. They engineered him to be immune to Kryptonite and named him Drax. Drax' sole purpose was to eliminate Superman. For years, Drax grew up in the Phantom Zone, was greatly influenced by evil, and bears the shield of Zod.

Since the Phantom Zone exists in interdimensional space, Drax was able to escape through a time tunnel opened in the 30th century. Drax tore through the Superman Museum and wreaked havoc in New Metropolis. It appeared that Drax either had a telepathic link with his creators or suffered mental trauma from their conditioning. Accompanied by his pets, Drax succeeded in destroying the Phantom Zone Projector and moved to kill Superman. However, just as the Legion returned, Superman threw Drax back into the Zone.