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Real Identity: Dominators
Affiliation(s): The Dominion
Appearances: The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow Part One, Part Two, Chained Lightning, Who Am I?, and Dark Victory Part One
Skills: Warfare, Biotechnology, and Bioengineering
Voiced By: David Sabolov (Lord Reesthu)

The Dominators are one of the oldest races in the universe and originated from the planet Elia, thousands of light years away from Earth. Before the 20th century, the Dominators of Elia destroyed their sister planet because of differences in ideology. At one time, they were strict religious devotees then turned to science. Remnants of this religion still prevail in the form of their social caste system. Rank in this system is determined by the size of the red disk tatooed on their foreheads. The larger the disk, the higher the rank. Only Dominators of the highest rank are given names, such as Lord Reesthu in the 30th century.

They are also notorious for being one of the most hostile races. By 2000 B.C., the Dominators had an empire that stretched from Elia to Khundia. Their constant experimentation of living beings gave them the edge in the field of biotechnology and they are said to grow their buildings, vehicles, and technology rather than build them. They were fascinated by variations in the human genetic structure. Upon further investigation, they discovered humans possessed a latent metagene capable of manifesting super powers. Fearing that Earth would seed a new super race, the Dominion often tried to conquer it but failed.

The Dominators continued to be a threat in the 30th century and were one of many invasion simulations in the Legion of Superheroes database. Years after the destruction of the Sun Eater, Dominator activity began to increase. Imperiex later formed an alliance with them and they often supplied deadly doomsday weapons, such as the Takion Cannon and Supermissile, in an effort to conquer planets in Imperiex' name. The Legion of Superheroes managed to fight them off several times. In one final bid to corrupt Brainiac 5, Imperiex organized an assault on the Legion Battle Cruiser with swarms of Dominators who were upgraded to resist certain superpowers. In particular, they were psychically shielded from Saturn Girl's telepathy and wore armor that wasn't metallic and impervious to Lightning Lad. Upon Imperiex' death, they submitted to Brainiac.