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Dark Circle

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Real Identity: Ontiir and Grullug
Appearances: In Your Dreams and In the Beginning
Skills: Military Arts, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Technology, Explosives, and Infiltration
Voiced By: Bumper Robinson (Ontiir) and Dave Wittenberg (Grullug)

The Dark Circle is a group of elite mercenaries in the 30th century who employ cloaking technology. All personally recruited by the group's leader, Ontiir of Tsauron, the Dark Circle profited from interplanetary war and recently the Great Crisis. However, after the success rate of the United Planets in diplomacy, the Dark Circle's existence was threatened. It planned to exploit any remnants of a delicate peace. One of their own, Doyle, infiltrated the inner circle of R.J. Brande and set him up years later for assassination. However, three children saved Brande. They interrogated a Dark Circle member with Imra Ardeen's telepathy and found out Doyle.

With news of the United Planets to relocate to a new headquarters, the Dark Circle increased in activity and stole various components to construct enough explosives to attack Weber's World with. Their attempt to steal liquid penatate was disrupted by the Legion of Superheroes. Ontiir realized the Legion's precog, Dream Girl, was having visions of their plots. With respect to the long held philosophy of turning a strength of the opponent into their weakness, the Dark Circle infiltrated the Legion Battle Cruiser, hacked its computers, and implanted a false dream. Dream Girl, afraid of being branded a traitor, left the cruiser and was kidnapped by the Circle. They forced her to dream so they could develop countermeasures but Lightning Lad and Dream Girl were disabled the explosives' triggers and defeated the Circle.